I think that’s a bingo.


I think that’s a bingo.

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I don’t think Finn is too good looking for Rae at all. I want the audience to think that Finn understands Rae and that’s the type of girl he’s looking for and they both get on with each other in the same way and both love each others company, and they love music and all that kind of thing. - Nico Mirallegro

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This is one of the best gif sets in existence.

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Rae: La gente cuando nos ve debe pensar: “Uh el debe de estar loco, saliendo con eso”.

Finn: ¿Eso que?


No puedes decirme quien me puede gustar y quien no ¿De acuerdo?

Es mi decision, mia, solo mia, de nadie mas, ni siquiera tuya.

Rae: Entonces ¿Por que te gusto?

Finn: Porque si, Porque me gustas!

Rae:Pero ¿Por que?

Finn:Porque quiero que dejes de ser una gilipollas

Rae:¡Deja de decirme gilipollas!

Tu eres el gilipollas…


so hard to beat those teenage kicks // bring back 1996

my mad fat diary inspired fashion ((listen to 1996 by the wombats here))

After watching all of series one of the british TV show My Mad Fat Diary in one day a few weeks ago, I’m totally hooked. The show stars Sharon Rooney as 16 year old Rae Earl, and is basically about her life as a teenager in Yorkshire suffering from mental health problems after a stay in a mental ward. This all sounds quite bleak, but it being set to a feel-good soundtrack from the 90s, in addition Rae’s awesome (and very crude) sense of humor, as well as some very hot actors, make it something that will make smile and wee yourself laughing, as well as curl up in a ball sobbing…

One of my favourite parts of the series though, has to be the small touches - Rae’s room is filled with troll dolls and Oasis poster, but the clothing takes the cake - Chloe’s bright bodycon dresses and skirts, Rae’s band t-shirts, and Izzy’s adorable outfits.

It’s a series I’d definitely recommend, especially with it being British-made - there’s only 6 episodes in each series, so it doesn’t take long to catch up, and it really packs a punch. And, as always, here’s 6 of my My Mad Fat Diary inspired picks:

  1. Floral Playsuit at ASOS
  2. Off the shoulder Crop Top in Red Pepper at ASOS
  3. Rae’s Oasis T-Shirt at Amazon.co.uk (But, this sadly does not say Raemundo on the back.)
  4. Floral Lace Crop Top at Forever 21
  5. Plaid Button-Down at Forever 21 (But vintage is even better! Or, as we poor people call it, stealing from your dad/brother’s wardrobe.)
  6. Vintage-Look Denim Jacket at Topshop (Again, ‘vintage’ would work well!)

- Eve xoxo